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Makanda Boardwalk

The Makanda Boardwalk is a restored block of storefronts dating back to the 1890's. The area is sometimes referred to as the "Valley of the Arts" because it has become a beacon for local artists and craftspeople working with all types of mediums--from glass to bronze, clay to wood and everything in between. The shops of the Makanda Boardwalk and the treasures found inside are certainly very unique. Visitors can enjoy a refreshing beverage or ice cream cone at the Country Store, and should be sure to wander through the garden behind the Rainmaker's Studio. The Makanda Boardwalk is located near Giant City State Park, seven miles south of Carbondale, in the picturesque town of Makanda, IL. The Boardwalk is home to the following shops:

  • The Makanda Trading Company contains an eclectic mix of incense, jewelery and artisan creations produced locally and collected from around the globe.
  • Rainmaker Studio Artist Dave Daris creates spectacular sculptures, jewelery, fountains, and more out of bronze and copper. Mr. Daris' sculptures can be seen at many locations along the wine trail. This article from SIUC student newspaper The Daily Egyptian provides interesting background information on the artist.

  • The Makanda Country Store provides a welcome break from the heat with hand-dipped ice cream cones. The shelves are stocked with locally produced and imported specialty items like hot sauce, jams, and coffee.

  • Visions Art Studio showcases artwork created by over 70 local artists including painting, photography, pottery, wood working, hand painted glass, and more.
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